East Coast Surfski Championship-Jamestown Counter Revolution

Are you the Fastest Surfskier on the East Coast?  Find out August 27 and win the prize money!! $1500 in total prize money.  Sponsored by Stellar.

This race will coincide with the Jamestown Counter Revolution race.  So check out the tab on this site for all the info.  We are expecting a big turnout with the prize money fairly substantial for the top paddlers.


  • Chad Miner says:

    I am looking into surf skis. I have competed against some Epics in triathlons in Pa. I am looking for a used one if possibel. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Hi Chad
    Check out Fenn Surfskis. By far the best and fastest skis in the world. They range from Beginner to advanced. Most of the best paddlers in the world race on a FENN.
    At the recent USA surfski champs in San Francisco 9 of the top 15 were on Fenn. Fenn skis also won the Chicago shoreline marathon the psat 3 or 4 years.
    There are 2 new skis out. The Fenn Swordfish and Fenn Elite SL.

  • Joseph says:

    G’Day Chad
    try a Fenn, find what works for your talent and the waters you paddle, I have used Fenn surfskis for years, just got a new Swordfish and it looks like a keeper.
    Cheers J

  • Wesley says:

    Stellar, the Premier Sponsor of the race will have the full line up for boats at the race including the SR, the new SEL, Ses, and SE, and possibly the S2E. Stellars have perfect combination of stability and speed throughout the line with 4 different layups at different price points and weights that no other manufacturer offers.

  • Wesley says:

    We are accessing the weather for Saturdays Race with alternative courses if need be and will let everyone know sometime on Friday what the final plans are.

  • SS says:

    Wesley, change the race date to Sunday the 28th and the course to a downwind. Then we’re guaranteed to see who the fastest surfski paddler is!! Leashes and pictures please. Maybe Mike can film the carnage as well.

  • Wesley says:

    Okay, that was quick, I just heard back from the Coast Guard, they are being very flexible and willing to work with us based on the successful event with pulled off under similar conditions in 2009. They have granted permission to have the race in Providence so we’re on! We have a beautiful course running from the Narragansett Boat Club (our home base) south on the harbor, around a giant navigation beacon and back to the boathouse that is 11 miles and a bit technical with the turns. There is no rain date as the Pavilion is booked every weekend so this is our race this year. You won’t be disappointed, it’s a nice course, a beautiful boathouse, out of rain, AND the meal we’re going to have after is going to be great.

    The address for the boathouse is 34 River Road Providence, RI 02906. Please be sure you put that in your GPS exactly. There is another River St. in Providence so please be exact.

    We’ll plan on the same timing: Registration will open inside the boathouse at 6:30, regatta meeting will be at 7:30 and race starts at 8:00. Please be advised, we will not allow any flat water rowing shells. You must race the boat you intended to race in Jamestown. Any flat water boat will receive a 15, minute time penalty, without exception.

    When you arrive at the boathouse, please unload your boat to the park across the street and park your car along the river side of the road, there is no parking on the park side of the road. After regatta meeting we’ll have all boats launch to the north, up river. The starting line will be out 1000M mark and we’ll launch as planned at Mackerel Cove.

    I’m sorry this has happened and I understand the logistics of moving north but this is a good option to have a great race. Thanks for your patience and see you Saturday. Please bring good weather and a great attitude and we’ll have a blast! Please spread the word.

    Now for our volunteers, we need you more than ever to follow through to make this work. I will re-coordinate regatta duties tonight and send to you tomorrow but please plan on being at the boathouse at 5:30 if you are involved in set up or registration or 8:00 if you are involved in party planning.

  • Francis Earle says:

    Hi Wes,
    Where can I find Jamestown Counterrevolution Race Results?

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