East Coast Surfski Championship-Jamestown Counter Revolution

Are you the Fastest Surfskier on the East Coast?  Find out August 27 and win the prize money!! $1500 in total prize money.  Sponsored by Stellar.

This race will coincide with the Jamestown Counter Revolution race.  So check out the tab on this site for all the info.  We are expecting a big turnout with the prize money fairly substantial for the top paddlers.

About Wesley

Top 10 finisher Blackburn Challenge(20 miles) 2009-2011;Participated since 2003; SurfskiRacing.com Race Series-2nd place finisher 2010,2011; 2009 SurfskiRacing.com Website orginated; 2009,1st person to produce Surf ski informational DVD; 2009,1st person to produce comprehensive Surf ski Comparison Chart; 2005, BCU/ACA Certified Level 3 w/4star training,Open Ocean(both expired); 2004, Participated World Indoor Rowing Championships(Crash B's) since 2004. 2012 Indoor Rowing Foundations 8 Hour Certification Course 1998 Boston Marathon 1997 Baystate Marathon, qualified for Boston Marathon 1997 Vermont City Marathon 1996 Newport Marathon 1983-1991 U.S. Navy - 1st place in in Squadron and Command Physical Fitness Test(sit-ups, pushups, run). 1969-1991 played countless hours of basketball. Work: Pharmaceutical Sales after my 8 years in U.S. Navy