King of Harbour Ocean Ski Race-New Zealand

New Zealander Dave Chambers



The 11thKing of the Harbour Ocean Ski Race will again be based at the Viaduct in the heart of Auckland, on the 30 and 31 March 2012.  This year we have around 16 top international paddlers from Australia, Tahiti and SA. These include Dean Gardiner, Jeremy Cotter and Bruce Taylor. Local interest is also very good with up to 12 paddlers making the trip from the South Island. These include the 2012 CRNZ South Island Ocean Ski Champion James Feathery as well as Coast to Coast winner Richard Ussher.




Dave Chambers in New Zealand


Local Training Race in Harbor


Skis at Local Paddling Club


Friday 30 March 2012


Race registration and Sprint Race


A 200m sprint knock-out exhibition between the race’s top competitors is planned for Friday night.


This is open to any surf ski.


Saturday 31 March 2012


King of the Harbour Course


It is planned to use a Fullers ferry to transport competitors and their skis to the start or from the finish for the King of the Harbour as we have done in the past two years.  Not only does travelling by water add to the excitement and atmosphere of the race, it will also add a unique dimension to this race when compared to any other ocean ski events around the world as spectators will be able to see how the race unfolds aboard the Fullers Starflyte.  

Course A

Waiheke to Viaduct Harbour

Wind direction E

Course B

Viaduct Harbour to Waiheke

Wind direction W

Course C

Gulf Harbour to Viaduct Harbour

Wind direction N

Course D

Viaduct Harbour to Gulf Harbour

Wind direction S

 Four Different Possible Courses


As wind direction is fundamental to a successful race, one of four courses will be selected to present the competitors with at least 80% down-wind paddling. The final course will be determined by the wind direction 24 hours prior to the race. 

We hope that each course will generate optimal conditions with exhilarating swells that can be skilfully surfed at maximum speed. These 22-30km courses are estimated to take competitors around two hours to complete.


Entry fee will be about $120.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require further information.


Terry Newsome

Race Director, King of the Harbour Ocean Ski Race

Phone: +64 210748485



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