Surfski Comparison Chart is Now Updated!

Check out the Comparison Chart with the numbers assigned to each ski along with the comparison Grid to get an overall visual on the relative speed vs stability.  For example you can see that I rated the SR as the most stable since it at the top of the chart in terms of stability.  If you look at the SEL, I rated it the most stable of the High Performance Skis while being only slightly slower than the SES Ultra and others that rated a maximum 6 on the speed axis. 

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  • Bob says:

    Stellar sent a sponsored paddler to the US Surfski Champs, but her rudder cable broke before the race so she couldn’t start. Would have been nice to see how a Stellar did in International competition against the other brands. Too bad Stellar didn’t have any support for her there.

  • Wesley says:

    Stellar had 2 sponsored paddlers at the Surfski Champs, Reid Hyle and Nikki. Reid placed 18th in his SES Ultra, 2nd at Blackburn. Reid has trained hard this season and was on the USA Marathon team for years. Last year Reid was only 5 seconds behind Borys Markin at the East Coast Surfski Championships that had to be moved to a flat water venue due to impending hurricane. So on flatwater or conditions the SES is as fast as boat and has phenomenal secondary stabilty and has one of the most narrow beams of any surfski. Go to forum threads to hear what other paddlers think about the Stellar boats. Stellars are all over the world, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaii just to name a few.

    In the Molokai a few months ago Tim Altman(SEL) placed 10th, and Matt OGarey placed 16th in SES Ultra. Matt would have placed even higher but had massive blister on his hands, and landed on the reef. In Australia Matt has done exceedingly well in all competition in Australia. Canadian Richard Germain, paddled an SEL also and for the first time, had no capsizes after 3 previous Molokai’s and had his fastest time ever.

    Brandon Van Der Walt in Durban, South Africa, another Stellar paddler came in second in one of the local races behind Hank McGregor. Go to Stellar Facebook page, to see what is happening worldwide with Stellar.

    I too was disappointed that the rudder line broke. I feel bad Nikki traveled all that way for that to happen. Next year, Stellar will be better prepared if something like this happens again.

    Thanks for tuning in. Wesley

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