Richard Germain Completes His 4th Molokai!!

Richard contacted me several months ago when he was having problems trying to secure a ski for this 4th Molokai. I knew at that time Stellar was supplying skis to a number of other paddlers doing the race including Tim Altman(10th) and Matt O’garey(16th), so I put Dave Thomas of Stellar and Richard together to work out the details.  Richard had his personal best by 23 minutes in this years race.  As he told me, the combination of Molokai experience, training, and the right boat with no capsizing, enabled him to have his best Molokai yet.  With virtual no training in ocean conditions due to the fact Richard lives in Quebec, Canada, it is simply amazing what Richard is able to accomplish. It is hard enough for any paddler to managed the race stress, however, Richard is able to do this while also managing his glucose levels during the race since he has diabetes. It is a lot to managed nevertheless, Richard always seems to be having fun and enjoying himself in the big water of the Molokai Challenge.  So another Big Congratulations to Richard on a job well done! Richard will share his own thoughts about his race in an upcoming article. 

#4 for Richard





    Great job Richard!

  • Nigel says:

    I think it is great that Stellar was able to help Richard out.It will be interesting to see if Stellar can get under the top five in years to come well done to Tim, Matt, Richard and all the people at Stellar. A small company with a force to be reconned with.

  • Mark says:

    Well done! Congratulations, Richard! Was cheering for you, from start to finish. 🙂

  • David Joblin says:

    I am looking forward to Richard’s account. Richard may not have open water to train on but he does surf the bow waves off super tankers on the St Lawrence river!!!

  • Richard Germain says:

    Thank you friends! Your support is really appreciated. 🙂

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