New Logo for Site

I finally got around to an updated Logo for Many of our training paddles and races and clinics are held in Narragansett Bay.
The Bridge in the Logo represents the Iconic Newport Bridge(Claiborne Pell Bridge officially now) that connects Jamestown(located on Conanicut Island) to Newport (located on Aquidneck island).

I travel across this bridge every week for work so I get to enjoy the view riding in my car or on my surfski. This bridge is often in many of my pictures. Crossing over the bridge on a summer day you can see the Bay awash with hundreds of sail and motor boats, and on the right day SURFSKIS! It is a spectacular site to see.

The bridge spans Narragansett Bay at a length of 1,601 feet (288 m). The overall length of the bridge is 11,247 feet (3,428 m). It remains the longest suspension bridge in New England is the gateway to Newport, RI, one of the sailing capitals of the world, home of Naval War College, US Navy base, and steeped in American history dating back to the 1600’s.

We made some other small changes to the website, adding the a separate tab for the Comparison Chart. I will be updating this chart in the spring of 2018 with the skis I reviewed in 2017 and spring 2018. This will include the Think Ion 3G, Epic V12 2G, Nelo 550L, New Stellar S18S Excel due to me in February, Think Evo 3, and possibly the Nelo 560M(flat water), Think Uno 2G (flat water). At some point I would like to get my hands on the Fenn Elite S, and Ion 3G Ultimate, and Zen, and 560 L. So stay tuned for the written reviews then the addition of these to the comparison chart.