East Coast Surfski Championship
August 27th, 2011 – Jamestown, RI

The East Coast Surfski Championship (ECSC)sponsored by Stellar Surfskis and Kayaks and hosted by the Jamestown Counter Revolution Race (JCR), will coincide with the Jamestown Counter Revolution Race. They are the same race however, the surfskis will have their own separate class, flight star, and cash awards. The information for registration, logistics, etc., are the same except where distinctions are made in regards to the East Coast Surfski Championship.The race is a 15 1/2 mile circumnavigation of the island of Conanicut, the home of the Town of Jamestown. Competitors will row or paddle in ocean conditions that can change very quickly. Occasionally the water can be very rough, with strong winds and surf. While we have some powerboats on the course to monitor checkpoints, we do not provide boat escorts. You should expect to be out of their sight and fully independent most of the time. Unless you have solid experience in difficult conditions with the boat you plan to use, you should not enter this event. Always plan an escape path to safety, and if you encounter any problems along the way, pull out and call race officials to let us know you have withdrawn from the race. Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis will Award:
– 1st place overall surfski winner
$400. – 2nd place surfski finisher
$300. – 3rd place surfski finisher
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Narragansett Bay, with its breathtaking views, beautiful rocky shorelines and challenging waters, is an ideal venue for an open water rowing and paddling race. With that in mind we’ve researched and explored the bay for the best location and we think we’ve found a fantastic course. The Island of Jamestown is perfectly situated at the mouth of Narragansett Bay where it meets Block Island Sound. With the prevailing summer breeze from the southwest, we found an outstanding course going one full counter-revolution around the main island of Jamestown. Making the course even more attractive is Mackerel Cove, which is a cove over 1/2 mile wide and is almost a mile long making this the perfect starting location. With a distance of over 15 miles and a course that is not as straight forward as it seems, paddlers and rowers will have their mettle tested by irregular surf, navigation and variable currents throughout race.

The orderly, safe and sportsmanlike conduct of this event is your personal responsibility, and is essential to guaranteeing the future of this race. We have no rain date and no alternative course for rough weather conditions. The Jamestown Counter Revolution is open to Single and Double Kayaks, Surf Skis, Sliding Seat Single and Double Sculls.

A partnership with Achilles International and the Achilles International Kayak Program has formed so they will be competing at this year’s race. Welcome aboard!

The JCR Committee is pleased to announce our partnership with the Eact Coast Outrigger Racing Association (ECORA) This year’s JCR has been added to the OCORA annual point series for 2011!

We’ve put together what we think is an outstanding event complete with a post-race party, great food, entertainment, massage for all competitors and great awards for our winners at the Fort Getty Pavillion.

Schedule of Events:
6:30 am
Registration at Mackerel Cove, we’ll have it clearly marked, you must register in person between 6:30 and 7:30 am7:30 amCompetitors Meeting at Mackerel Cove (don’t be late)8:00 am Launching

8:30 am Race Begins(first flight)

11:30 am Fort Getty Pavilion opens

12:00 pm Food service begins

1:30 pm Awards Ceremony – Stellar Prize Money Awarded

$800. – 1st place overall surfski winner
$400. – 2nd place surfski finisher
$300. – 3rd place surfski finisher

3:00 pm Time to go home


Please off load your boat and equipment at Mackerel Cove then move your car to the designated parking area. Do not leave your car at Mackerel Cove, as it will be towed. Please allow ample time to park and walk or get a ride to the Cove, we’ll have a van doing round trips.

All boats will launch from the beach of Mackerel Cove. Please allow plenty of time to unload your boat, park, register, attend the competitor’s meeting and launch.

There is one beach restroom at Mackeral Cove(start of race). There will be porta johns along with the pavilion restrooms at Fort Getty(finish of race ½ mile from start).

Race Numbers:
Should be taped to both sides of your bow. Do Not cross the finish line twice!

Directions to Registration at Mackerel Cove:
150 Beavertail Rd
Jamestown, RI  02835

View Google Interactive  Map for Directions


Entry Information:
The deadline for entry is 8/20/11. Entries postmarked later than 8/23/11 will not be accepted. Register as early as possible!Entry Fee: $50 per participantFees include a cool tee, race management and post race food, beverages and entertainment.

The Jamestown Counter Revolution Committee reserves the right to refuse to register any individual or boat. The Committee may also expel or refuse any participant or boat before or during the event for lack of required equipment, unsafe operation, disregard for event rules, or unsporting behavior.

Visit Online Registration and Waiver Download

Race Course
Click to view Chris' Garmin GPS Race Track

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  • Wesley Echols says:

    You Register off the JCR page that takes you to Regatta Central and then click on Jamestown Counter Revolution.

  • Wesley says:

    I paddled part of the course today and yesterday. yesterday was flat when Tim and I did it at 0700. Today was rough coming out of Mackeral Cove. Most of the top guys will not even miss a stroke but it maybe a place where the lead can change quickly. We will have truly the best paddlers on the East Coast paddling: Reid Hyle, Sean Brennan, Ed Joy(native NY), Joe Glickman, Eric McNett, Rob Mirlenbrink.

  • Wesley says:

    We are accessing the weather and have alter courses if need be. I will give everyone an update as I get them from Dan, the overall race director. So stay tuned.

  • Wesley says:

    Okay, that was quick, I just heard back from the Coast Guard, they are being very flexible and willing to work with us based on the successful event with pulled off under similar conditions in 2009. They have granted permission to have the race in Providence so we’re on! We have a beautiful course running from the Narragansett Boat Club (our home base) south on the harbor, around a giant navigation beacon and back to the boathouse that is 11 miles and a bit technical with the turns. There is no rain date as the Pavilion is booked every weekend so this is our race this year. You won’t be disappointed, it’s a nice course, a beautiful boathouse, out of rain, AND the meal we’re going to have after is going to be great.

    The address for the boathouse is 34 River Road Providence, RI 02906. Please be sure you put that in your GPS exactly. There is another River St. in Providence so please be exact.

    We’ll plan on the same timing: Registration will open inside the boathouse at 6:30, regatta meeting will be at 7:30 and race starts at 8:00. Please be advised, we will not allow any flat water rowing shells. You must race the boat you intended to race in Jamestown. Any flat water boat will receive a 15, minute time penalty, without exception.

    When you arrive at the boathouse, please unload your boat to the park across the street and park your car along the river side of the road, there is no parking on the park side of the road. After regatta meeting we’ll have all boats launch to the north, up river. The starting line will be out 1000M mark and we’ll launch as planned at Mackerel Cove.

    I’m sorry this has happened and I understand the logistics of moving north but this is a good option to have a great race. Thanks for your patience and see you Saturday. Please bring good weather and a great attitude and we’ll have a blast! Please spread the word.

    Now for our volunteers, we need you more than ever to follow through to make this work. I will re-coordinate regatta duties tonight and send to you tomorrow but please plan on being at the boathouse at 5:30 if you are involved in set up or registration or 8:00 if you are involved in party planning.

    See you then,

    Daniel Gorriaran
    Hook-Fast Specialties, Inc.
    p (401)781-4466
    f (401)781-5533

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