2017 SurfskiRacing.com Race Series

Northeast US Surfski Race Series

2017 SurfskiRacing.Com Race Series –¬†Results after 11 races

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 Guidelines for Series

We constructed the series to be more inclusive for all local paddlers despite skill level. We also wanted to include the doubles in this so when these paddlers choose to paddle singles, they will not be disadvantaged.

Awarding of Points
The points are awarded by giving 12 points to the first place LOCAL paddler or to the local double if they place ahead of the fastest single ski. 11 points are awarded to the next place local finisher, 10 points for the next place local finisher and so on. Local participants receive 1 point if they are outside the 12 top local finishers. You must participate in a minimum of 6 of the listed races and your best 5 finishes will be calculated for the final total.

So for example in the Blackburn 2010, the first place local paddler (1st overall as well) got 12 points, the second place local finisher 11 points. However, the 3rd place finisher came in 3rd overall but was not awarded any points for this series because he only participates in the Blackburn and no other series race. By doing the scoring this way, the standings are compressed making it more competitive from top to bottom, thus increasing overall participation in the Series, which is the overall goal. This encourages all levels of paddlers to participate knowing they will conceivably be earning points.

Each member of the Double Surfski gets half the points based on his overall finish in the race. So if the local double places 5th overall (8 points), then each member of the double gets 4 points listed under his name.

Prizes and Awards are made possible by the sponsors of the series.

Race Page at a Glance
We also included all the races held here in New England on one page for easy viewing and listed the percentage and the average percentage each paddler is behind the top finisher. This is another way to analyze how well you are doing against your competitor.

Sponsors for the Series:


  • Jeff Bumby says:

    I will be moving to Cape Cod and am wondering if there are other 71 year olds racing surf skis? Thank you.

  • Sandra & Fred says:

    Hi visiting family in Boston and Cape and wanted to know if any clubs we can surf ski at as we are avid surf skier in the UK. Can anyone give us any suggestions. Thank you

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