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Get Paddling, Get a Surf Ski, Get a Lesson, Get Fit!

Novice to Advanced Lessons in protected waters to ocean conditions depending on your skill level.

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SurfskiBasics DVD by Wesley Echols, No Longer Available, Sold Out!

Forward Stroke and More Strokes


Flat Water Training in a Surfski


Holm and Wesley mixing it up early.

Mixing it up at the North Shore Cup Race, Summerton, SC

Lesson : Strokes Used in Surf ski paddling, Includes the following:
Individual: $150.00
On Water( 3 hours beach/water)

  1. Paddle Selection.
  2. Getting in and out of your ski.
  3. Rafting up
  4. Assisted Rescues
  5. Forward Stroke
  6. Forward Sweep Stroke
  7. Reverse Sweep
  8. Park Stroke
  9. Brace
  10. Tap Brace
Dana, Dave Grainger, Wesley, Tim Milligan at Finish

Laughing it up w/Dana, Dave Grainger, Tim Milligan at Cape Cod Race.


Garage April 2014

Get the Right Ski for your needs. Garage April 2014

Lesson: Introduction to Surf skis includes the following:
Individual: $100.00

On Beach/classroom: 1:30 hour

  1. How to choose a surf ski? A BIG topic I can help you with!
  2. Parts of a Surf ski: Why they are important and how they affect your paddling.
  3. Outfitting your ski(Very important for fit and performance)
  4. How to choose a Paddle? Are wings all the same?
Race is ON!!

Race is ON!! Racing is FUN!!

Winter Surfski Paddling/Racing with the Boys


Learn How to Remount: Its Crucial!


Lesson: Safety in Surf Skis, Includes the following:

Individual: $75.00

(1 hour on Beach/Classroom)

  1. Skill Level
  2. Access Conditions
  3. Risk Tolerance
  4. Group Paddling
  5. Winter paddling
  6. Safety Gear
  7. Paddling Clothing

Got Rough Water Training?


Race Training at its Best. Training partner Tim Dywer and I finish the Essex River Race together in 1st Place.

 Lesson:Race Training, Includes the following:
Individual: $75.00
(1 Hour Classroom/Beach)

  1. Goals (specific, timely, realistic)
  2. Intervals
  3. Long Paddles
  4. Tempo Paddles
  5. Group Training
  6. Rough Water Training
  7. Flat water Training
  8. Heart Rate Training

Pre Race Preparation

  1. Boat Selection
  2. Rudder Selection
  3. Paddle Selection
  4. Race Strategy
  5. Drafting
  6. Fueling

What is Your Off Season Training Plan?

Lesson: Off Season Training

(1 Hour Classroom),Includes the following:

Individual: $75.00

1. Rowing Erg
3. Cross Training
4. Winter Paddling

Flatwater Racing to augment Surfski Training Race Series, 2011, My Best Season Ever.

Get Results with by taking a lesson!2011 Surfski Race Series


Increase your Fun Factor by Taking a Lesson!!


Testimonial by Tim  Hudyncia

Thank you very much for the brilliant sharing of your time, passion, expert guidance and “hand-me-downs” today – I’ve already enjoyed beaucoup use of the Stellar kayak stands.
I don’t think it to be an exaggeration to write that today was a brilliant turning point in my paddling life – A morning of “WOW” moments. Thank you, can’t wait to paddle, looking forward!

My note to the paddling community present and future:
I do not like soap operas. In fact, more than anything I appreciate and welcome genuine, sincere, honest folks, and I aim to be the same. I mention that because of how powerful my experience was yesterday with Wesley, and I want to accurately convey that to you, but first, a bit of background.

I was a fierce competitor for many years, running (through high school), road bicycling (Cat. 3 racer), and then mountain biking and inline skating (into my 30’s). Around age 35 I transitioned away from competition with others while becoming more infatuated with varied daily challenge for continuous growth (juggling, unicycling, didgeridoo playing…). At the same time, I continued to push and challenge myself physically, for that’s what makes me feel most alive; that what brings thrill and joy to living for me. As I approached age 40, my wife got me my first kayak (sea kayak), and I’ve been having great fun developing myself into a worthy paddler, something I intend to do for the rest of my life. As a chiropractor I tell people every day that if I could prescribe just one exercise for them, it would be kayaking. It is a fantastic posture, core, balance and whole body exercise, perhaps the best. Because I embrace challenge and speed, last fall I bought a surfski kayak, and I have logged 40+ hours in my surfski (self-taught, long way to go, looking forward to racing because I’m different now – I know that racing is always me against me).

That brings us to yesterday (I turn 45 this year), which was my first paddle to paddle encounter with another surfski kayaker. I was a bit reluctant to reach out because I used to be a rather fierce and ruthless and selfish competitor, and I’ve little interest in being back around such folks. Yesterday I discovered that I reached out to exactly the right person, Wesley, and I am very, very grateful for the experience.
To finish background: In some ways I have pinpoint focus and talent. Every single time someone lies down on my chiropractic adjusting table, I do the same exact thing: I give them the very best adjustment that I can, aiming for it to be the best they’ve ever had. Yesterday I felt like Wesley carried the same focus and approach into coaching me, along with a very high level of expertise – It was as if every expert web-video and article that I’d watched and read was a part of my session with Wesley, along with the one thing that I really thought could make a world of difference for me: Wesley’s observation, feedback, and continued critique. And it did! I cannot wait to get back on the water so that I can practice the many things that he addressed.

I’ll also call Wesley’s approach comprehensive and powerful. The power is in his high level of passion and his non-judgmental way, along with his knack for making you feel really darn good through positive reinforcement and an unwavering view of me, the student, as having tremendous potential.
The changes I need to make in my paddle stroke will not be easy, but interestingly Wesley’s passion and strong belief in my abilities make it seem much more achievable. I’m really excited to meet others in the surfski paddling community, for my first meeting with Wesley and his strong welcome have impacted me very positively, indeed.

Tim warming up with his pogies

Tim at ROTC Race

In Health and Glide,

Dr. Timothy Hudyncia
Coventry, RI


  • Bob Samuels says:

    Hi, I’ve read several of Wesley,s ski reviews but would like his expertise in buying my first

    New surf ski in 20 years. I main purpose is touring and swimming over the side . I do not

    Race and need a ski with handles to lift onto the dock. Any advise u can offer will be

    Much appreciated. My budget is about 2500 + and I’d consider a used ski also.

    Thanks. Bob Samuels. Rye, NY.

  • Don West says:

    Hi Wesley. I just found your site while watching a You Tube Instructional video. This is my second season in my Surf Ski, an Epic V10 Sport. I had eighteen years of previous kayaking experience.(Necky Arluk ll). I live across from Wickford Cove and have been paddling this boat 4-5 times per week. I’m doing “okay”, but feel I could definitely use some instruction. I had never used a rudder before and it is taking some getting use to. I have trouble keeping my boat on track. I have practiced in all kinds of conditions and can get in, remount, and turn my boat. Still, I know I would benefit tremendously with some tutelage, and guidance.
    If you would have the time I would love to get some instruction and improve my overall skills, and maybe even try some racing. Your web page is great and I was very excited to have found it. I appreciate it if you could help. Thanks Don West

  • Chuck Arnold says:

    Hi Wesley,
    I bought a Stellar SR from your recommendations, I was wondering if you have recommendations for a polish or just soap for increasing hull speed after cleaning the surfski.

  • Wesley says:

    Chuck, I use marine paste wax most often and just car wax if i run out of that. I have waxed many,many boats mainly to keep them from getting scratches and protect them. A clean ski in my mind is always faster. Resale is much better on a clean boat as well.

  • Ross Palacios says:

    Sent email to Wesley on which Ski is more stable–the Stellar 18s Excel or the Epic V8 Utlra. I want to move up from Epic v6 Performace but don’t want to lose any stability just want to have less weight to carry around and maybe more waterline speed. Also the bucket on v6 is a bit tight.
    I am 64 yrs old–5-11 200 lbs. 38 inch waist. Use ski in Biscayne Bay Miami and in the Bahamas. An experienced Ocean rower.

    Commetns/Advise appreciated. ROSS

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